Santa`s summertime hideaway

Santa’s summertime hideaway!

This is where Santa spends his summer holiday. For him, summer is a lot less hectic than the festive season at the end of the year. Here Santa potters around the garden, goes fishing, eats good food (sometimes a bit more than is good for him), and works on the rocket motors that drive the Christmas sleigh. Santa is an inventor at heart, and is never idle. But every now and then even Santa finds the time to rest, and so he sits in his garden for a chat with the elves.  Some people even claim to have spotted Santa going down Tornimäki hill on skis. But since there is no snow in summer, this is unlikely to be true.

Santa is accompanied by Rudolph, his favourite reindeer. Rudolph is easy to recognize, since his very shiny nose starts to glow as he takes off into the air. He never wanders far off from Santa’s summer cabin,  as the grounds of the area are full of delicious midsummer greenery for him to eat. Sometimes Rudolph might try some of the more exotic plants that Santa has planted in the garden, but Santa gets grumpy about this.

Because Santa does not do any real work in summer, he needs someone else to do the work for him. That’s why there are maintenance elves at Santa’s summer cabin and nearby. They are the very same fellows that Santa likes to chat with in his garden. They look after Santa’s summer cabin and do other everyday chores. They also make sure that Santa can relax during his summer holiday. The elves are a bit shy, and so are not easy to spot. But there are plenty of them around, and if you look very carefully you may catch a glimpse of them.

Santa is often seen in the Kenkävero area disguised as a normal tourist. So if you really want to identify him, take a close look at any big-bellied and friendly-looking white-bearded men you come across.

Santa’s summer hideaway is open daily in summer high season and at the Christmas season during Kenkävero’s normal opening hours. The summer hideaway is open at other times by prior arrangement.

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